November 26-29, 2014.
Belgrade Fair

The largest traditional product manufacturer show, intended for the markets of Serbia and Southeast Europe Region

Organizer: Belgrade Fair

Date: November 26-29th, 2014

Venue: Belgrade Fair

Participants:  Traditional product manufacturers for the market, on group stands of Regional Chambers of Commerce, Cooperative Unions, City and Municipality Administrations and individual equipment manufacturers for production, serving and packing of the traditional products

In 2013, 369 manufacturers from Serbia Bosnia and Herzegovina Federation, Montenegro, Republic of Srpska, Russian Federation, Romania, Greece, Italy, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Croatia and Slovenia participated in the 8th Ethnic Food and Drink Fair, 5.739 visitors

More than 1500 various products, mostly hand made from organic raw materials, were featured at the participants’ stands

Objective – The manufacturers presentation, in order to conclude sales contracts with prospect local and international buyers, find the investors for manufacturing, packaging and sales of the ethnic products, educate the manufacturers within standardizing, inform the market of specific products and promote the ethnic food and drinks and the traditional food product preparation method as a part of the national cultural identity

Prospect buyers: The owners and/or suppliers of shops, restaurants, hotels, great shopping chains, exporters and individuals

The Professional Side Event Program within the geographic origin protection, recipes, quality system introduction, legal protection, packing and sales method improvement

Top quality products and manufacturers promotion and the presentation and sales method through estimation

Results: Affirmation of the traditional products as the first class market and export goods and a significant tourist offer element, the increase of number of products with the protected geographic origin: Leskovac Ajvar (Red Cream Salad), Kačarski and Homolje Honey, ‘Tobacco Cracklings’, Futog Cabbage  and others, advancing of food culture and population health, tradition and cultural identity keeping